Software Developer

Job Title : Software Developer
Job Location : 6950 South Transit Rd. , Lockport, NY
Position Type : Contract
Job Description:

Responsible for the design and development of major local systems and local flagship projects. This can include both the development of new functions and facilities and the on-going systems support of live systems.
The Development Specialist also contributes to development of work practices, standards and quality monitoring in IT, during development, implementation and daily use.
The Development Specialist ensures that systems delivered meet business requirements and are delivered on time and within budget to an agreed level of quality.
At least 5 years' application development and support experience preferably using C++, Java, SQL, relational database (Oracle/Sybase/MS SQL Server), and Excel.
Must Have:
.NET,C#,Sharepoint,K2,web development
Banking experience preferred. Working within project development lifecycle.
Production support experience.

JD 15-00595

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